Looking closer

Remit : large sheet of paper, locate an area from tonal drawing that has interesting detail and tonal contrast.
Magnify everything. Analyse colour and tonal variation. Use colour more expressively and intuitively, exaggerate. Move towards abstraction. Juxtaposition of certain colours to produce tonal values.
The little ‘windows’ on the poppy seed head fascinate me as they look like vaulted ceilings. I have decided to include part of that with an actual honesty seed.
Here is a close up, near enough as it gets out of focus if I get any closer

A few sketches to work out composition and colour.




I was inspired by this painting by Sir Terry Frost and wanted to include bright strips of colour.


Sketches with colour. I decided to use soft pastels with some wax resist for texture. I like the combination of orange and blue. I want to use other colours to give an impression of reflections from stained glass.



The blue on orange gives a better tonal contrast. I do not like the use of black.
I started off with the middle area and got stuck on which colours to use for the “crown” of the poppy seed head. The use of pink/green seem to make it too busy.


I decided to keep to the same orange and blue. The top area, where the dark honesty seed is supposed to be, I carried on with the similar value as the darkest area in the poppy seed head.
This is on an A2 size medium grain paper.



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