Assignment 5 – Reflections.

It’s been a struggle trying to get an ideal composition and render the image I have in my mind’s eye, the way I see the seed heads in nature and to incorporate their unique characteristics. It wasn’t intentional but I have ended up having the honesty on the bottom left and the poppies on the top right. The stem of the honesty cutting at a diagonal, seems to divide the study in two. This became evident after putting in colour. It does not feel balanced.

I used a water based medium to get fluid blending and back runs of colours and tone. This can’t be achieved by dry media. The inks are vibrant, just like the colours of the honesty flowers. Unfortunately different colours have different density and some colours do not run. The result has been patchy. The trials in small a sketch book version seemed different. I haven’t put any outlines on the poppy seed heads. The honesty have a dark wire like frame holding them on to the stem. I have tried not to make these appear as hard outlines in all of them. Their colour depends on the light falling on them.

I want to depict convincing papery thin cases of the honesty seeds, which are a contrast to the spherical poppy seed heads. The honesty cases are not transparent, but seem to light up if they are caught in sunlight. I have lost some of the sharp edges of the “crown” on the poppy seed head during the application of ink. The gesso on the stem of the honesty did not come out as I had expected. It has spread unevenly and not given the sharp line I need for the stem.

The vibrant magenta and green in the negative space was meant to give an impression of a plants in the backdrop and a contrast to the colours of the seed heads. Also some honesty seed cases have patches of fading magenta on them.


Assignment five option 2

Reflect on what you have learnt throughout working this project.
Review all drawings and evaluate them in terms of technical skill, truthful observation and interpretation.

To help me decide on a composition, I looked at my line drawing which I liked. The way the honesty and poppy seeds mixed together.


In the tonal drawing, I seem to loose the focus of what I want to convey as it looks too busy.


Focus of my drawing : I want to convey how I see the seed heads in a border in the garden -bright glowing delicate, honesty seed heads and beautiful spherical structure of the poppy seed heads
Format would have to be portrait to get height.

A few more sketches to work out how best to show the seed heads.





I prefer the final sketch for my composition. The honesty seed head is not directly next to the poppy. I want show just a few honesty and poppy seeds heads so I can put in enough detail which attracts me to them.
Materials and techniques: wax resist or gesso with ink wash or watercolour. The gesso is better for a sharper result for the thin stems.


The colours.
I wanted to include a magenta and green in the study. These are the colours of the honesty flowers , plant and the seeds when they are fresh. I got this idea at a visit in Giverny, where Monet’s garden lots of honesty plants.


When the seeds dry, they turn an ochre colour which light up with sunlight. The poppy seeds appear to have a powdery layer of light blue. The fresh seed heads are a light teal blue. As a contrast to the honesty, I decided to depict the poppy in teal.


These are Diamene inks.
My first attempt did not work out. I had intended to use gesso on the stems and honesty. The seeds in the honesty were too dark and yellow was too strong.


This is the final study. It’s on 300gsm A3 paper. The mood or feeling I would like to convey : tail end of summer, looking forward to spring and start of the cycle new plants, seeds… .

Following my tutor’s comments, i tried a different composition based on my line drawing. This one is in watercolours. I want to leave the drawing fresh and light.


Torn paper collage

Remit: take composition into further abstraction by developing the looking closer study through collage.

This is on an A2 cartridge paper. I have used yellow and light blue tissue paper, news papers, acrylic painted cartridge paper and oil pastel. While placing the newspaper, some words jumped out at me so I left a couple in style of Tom Phillips.
The ‘rim’ at the bottom is yellow tissue on blue, and it’s giving a greenish tint.
I kept to the same composition as the study for looking closer. I made the bright coloured strips much smaller so there is just a hint. I did this as I wanted the arches lot more simple and the depth to show.
As I had done a few collages before starting on this assignment, it helped me prepare for this one in terms of materials. it took me a while to work out which colours to use. The advantage is tearing different paper and placing them around working out colour combinations and composition. To change something you can easily place a layer of different paper. The difficulty is cutting the paper to the exact shape required and glueing it in the correct place. Once you have the paper cut you can build up the collage very quickly. Using different texture of paper and mixed media, you can achieve a variety of textures, depth, tonal values and shapes. It’s not easy to get as much detail as a drawing or painting. Collage work helps me appreciate the importance of shapes and colours.