Torn paper collage

Remit: take composition into further abstraction by developing the looking closer study through collage.

This is on an A2 cartridge paper. I have used yellow and light blue tissue paper, news papers, acrylic painted cartridge paper and oil pastel. While placing the newspaper, some words jumped out at me so I left a couple in style of Tom Phillips.
The ‘rim’ at the bottom is yellow tissue on blue, and it’s giving a greenish tint.
I kept to the same composition as the study for looking closer. I made the bright coloured strips much smaller so there is just a hint. I did this as I wanted the arches lot more simple and the depth to show.
As I had done a few collages before starting on this assignment, it helped me prepare for this one in terms of materials. it took me a while to work out which colours to use. The advantage is tearing different paper and placing them around working out colour combinations and composition. To change something you can easily place a layer of different paper. The difficulty is cutting the paper to the exact shape required and glueing it in the correct place. Once you have the paper cut you can build up the collage very quickly. Using different texture of paper and mixed media, you can achieve a variety of textures, depth, tonal values and shapes. It’s not easy to get as much detail as a drawing or painting. Collage work helps me appreciate the importance of shapes and colours.


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