Assignment five option 2

Reflect on what you have learnt throughout working this project.
Review all drawings and evaluate them in terms of technical skill, truthful observation and interpretation.

To help me decide on a composition, I looked at my line drawing which I liked. The way the honesty and poppy seeds mixed together.


In the tonal drawing, I seem to loose the focus of what I want to convey as it looks too busy.


Focus of my drawing : I want to convey how I see the seed heads in a border in the garden -bright glowing delicate, honesty seed heads and beautiful spherical structure of the poppy seed heads
Format would have to be portrait to get height.

A few more sketches to work out how best to show the seed heads.





I prefer the final sketch for my composition. The honesty seed head is not directly next to the poppy. I want show just a few honesty and poppy seeds heads so I can put in enough detail which attracts me to them.
Materials and techniques: wax resist or gesso with ink wash or watercolour. The gesso is better for a sharper result for the thin stems.


The colours.
I wanted to include a magenta and green in the study. These are the colours of the honesty flowers , plant and the seeds when they are fresh. I got this idea at a visit in Giverny, where Monet’s garden lots of honesty plants.


When the seeds dry, they turn an ochre colour which light up with sunlight. The poppy seeds appear to have a powdery layer of light blue. The fresh seed heads are a light teal blue. As a contrast to the honesty, I decided to depict the poppy in teal.


These are Diamene inks.
My first attempt did not work out. I had intended to use gesso on the stems and honesty. The seeds in the honesty were too dark and yellow was too strong.


This is the final study. It’s on 300gsm A3 paper. The mood or feeling I would like to convey : tail end of summer, looking forward to spring and start of the cycle new plants, seeds… .

Following my tutor’s comments, i tried a different composition based on my line drawing. This one is in watercolours. I want to leave the drawing fresh and light.



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