Thoughts on Drawing One and sending in my work for Assessment
Distance learning while working fulltime and long hours has been very difficult for me. I did not realise the course would require a lot more time than just a few hours on a weekend.
I took up this course as I wanted to learn to draw. To quickly and accurately capture a motif on paper or an MDF board so I could then paint. It has been quiet a journey, and strangely I have enjoyed life drawing . I also appreciated the introduction to artists I had never heard of and seeing the variety , I was able to add more artists that I like to my list. Having learnt about tone, composition, colour, concept, aerial and linear perspective and much more, it’s made me aware that a drawing can also be a finished work and there is so much more to learn. I enjoyed the exercises, but at times it was frustrating as I haven’t been able to spend as much time on this course as I would have liked to, especially working outdoors, doing more research and on concept. At times I was rushing to complete the exercises. My drawings were very tentative and I lacked confidence. I wasted too much time colouring instead of observation. When I sent in my fourth assignment, my tutor Angela Rogers asked me to see Richard Liley for assistance. A one to one session with him made a tremendous difference. We went through some of my work and discussed the issues. We looked at examples of some artists’ work and he showed me how to improve on defining shapes, strengthen tone, shadows, composition and context. He made me aware of looking at negative shapes and relationship of the items in a composition. I feel that my ability to draw has improved since I started this course and I will continue with the learning process. I greatly appreciate the contribution made by Angela Rogers and Richard Liley.
I enjoy using water based materials and am going to sign up for Watercolour Practice, which I kept on delaying till I finished Drawing one.

Some of the work I sent as part of the assessment







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