Assignment 3 Reflections

Demonstration of technical and visual skills
I have enjoyed using ink in this part of the course, especially the Inktense pencils. Unfortunately in some parts of the drawing, to cover large areas, I used ink pan washes which are not very good quality and some areas appear dull/muddy. The weather has been very unpredictable and I could not count on the same sunny weather everyday. As I get a chance to work mostly on weekends and to get the perfect shadows I had to waiting till around 1.30 – 2 pm. Of course I wasn’t lucky to have sunny weekends, so the charcoal sketch was very useful to work out the shadows. For some reason, I like the layout and spontaneity in the quick ink wash sketch.

Quality of outcome
I have been looking at the work propped up on the radiator for the past ten days. Finally decided to send off the work. It was too late to change the layout. The lavender could have been rendered better, but as this is not a painting, I tried my best to give an impression of it. It seems to help with the linear perspective and lead the eye to the garage. The final piece seems overworked.

Demonstration of creativity
I have managed to depict a variety of items covered in this part, including trees, aerial and linear perspective. The statue, though not very detailed as it was small, adds to the variety.

The plants, especially in the raised bed, and flowers are not botanically correct as I focused more on shapes, perspective, light and shadows. The garden is on a lower level after a patio. The eye level is the garage roof. I hope that i have been able to convey the low level, especially by including a few steps in the foreground.


Assignment 3

A view from a window or open door. Include natural objects, trees, shrubs, pot plants, fields or garden plants.
Demonstrate understanding of aerial or linear perspective
Straight lined objects I.e walls buildings, fences, gates,
Preliminary drawings experiment with composition
Broad brush sketches to decide on colours

I have been thinking of this assignment right from the beginning of this part and knew i would use my back garden as i look at this view a lot. I was initially going to depict the garden from the French door in the back room, but with the weather changing, some shrubs had grown big and most of the view was blocked. This view is from the kitchen window. I included part of the greenhouse on the right as it cast an interesting shadow on the grass. I have omitted quiet a few things, including off course the weeds! I wanted to do this in April with the cherry blossom, but due to other commitments I missed it. At least I got the lavender instead. The laughing Buddha does not appear to have a shadow due to its wide base.
After some pencil sketches on A4, I did a very quick sketch in ink wash to work out the colours on A3, then charcoal to establish the tonal values on A3 as well.








The final piece:

The final piece is with ink wash and Inktense pencils on 200gsm A3 paper. It’s been propped up on the radiator for nearly 10 days now. I have decided to stop fiddling and send it today, especially as I started life drawing class and really enjoyed it! Can’t wait for the next one – should have started much earlier on in the course.

Study of several trees

This is in pencil colours in a wood with blue bells.

A quick study in ink


This is in soft pastels


A copy of a drawing done by Vincent Van Gogh in charcoal.


Check and log
How many different tree types have you drawn?
Oak, pine, fir, copper beech, silver birch, cherry, ash, horse chestnut tree, Cedar of Lebanon.
What techniques did you use to distinguish each type?
From the leaf, fruit, trunk, bark. I have a book on trees bought from Kew Gardens many years ago.
What did you do to convey the mass of foliage?
Using a grazing stroke with different tonal values and different directional strokes. With ink, I just dabbed in a few leaves.
How did you handle light on trees? Was it successful?
Kept the area where light falls very light. I think so yes. The branches, etc seem to have depth.
Did you manage to select and simplify? Look at your drawings and make notes on how you did this and what could you do better?
I think so. I love trees and enjoy being amongst them. I tried to look for unusual interesting shapes.
I could have added a little more detail, but its very time consuming when using pencil.


Drawing statues





Check and log
How did you use a limited colour palette to create a sense of depth?
I have tried to create a sense of depth by using perspective, cast shadows and stronger colour in the buildings in the foreground.

Did your preliminary sketches give you enough information for your final pieces of work?
Yes I think so. I haven’t used a ruler for straight lines so some of the vertical lines appear at an angle.

Would you approach this task differently another time?
I quite enjoyed this exercise. It’s made me realise how important it is to plan the drawing, to get the best view to make a good ‘picture’ and despite a limited palette, you can depict a variety of buildings and textures. I don’t really like drawing buildings and have never drawn any in the past. I am not sure if I would depict townscapes again. For this exercise, I am fairly happy with the result, except for some wonky lines.

Have you got the scale of buildings right? Make notes on what worked and what didn’t.
They are probably not very accurate. It’s very difficult to draw in a busy street, with cars and pedestrians.
I had to use photographs for some details. The roofs were hard, while trying to also stick to the vanishing line. I like the contrast of the red brick and white in the building in the foreground.

Have you captured the colour and atmosphere in you studies? How did you do this?
I am fairly happy with the colours. There weren’t many colours on the street, maybe some green, ochre, browns and red.
I feel I have managed to capture the overcast day with the clouds.

A limited palette study from your sketches


This is on A3 with conte crayons, willow charcoal and charcoal pencil.

A few days ago, I passed this lovely cottage and the wisteria caught my eye. The clear blue sky was beautiful. So I decided to draw it using lilac, blue and sepia. I have not put in much detail, the main focus is the wisteria and the blue sky in the background.
The porch has a brick support on the right and wood on the left.
I like the combination of lilac and sepia.